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Children's Concerts

This year over 2,000 4th and 5th graders will attend the unique Children's Concert programmed especially for young people. It will be held in the 2400 seat Vic Lopez Auditorium at Whittier High School.

All of the youngsters have learned about the various musical instruments through the Symphony Association's popular Music Enrichment Program. As many children have never attended a symphony concert, they may not know proper concert etiquette. They learn not to whistle and when to applaud, as well as other appropriate behaviors.

This year Conductor Kimo Furumoto has planned a program geared to the young audience to be presented on January 20, 2016.

In the past, when the concert theme was "Meet the Orchestra", the former Conductor Wayne Reinecke invited a student to take his place and lead the musicians. The young girl discovered it wasn't as easy as it looks.

A special treat for the young audience is to see and hear someone their own age performing as a soloist. Most of the young performers started their musical studies at a very early age and have won numerous awards.

Funding for these special concerts is always a challenge. The Rio Hondo Symphony Association is constantly seeking corporate, foundation, and other grants.

Children's Concert Review

By Chloe 

Time is Ticking, So Get Ready for That Concert!

Hi, my name is Chloe.  I am going to talk about the musicians and musical instruments who played in the Rio Hondo Symphony at the Children's Concert on January 30, 2008. The musicians that play at Whittier High School Auditorium are fantastic!  The Brass instruments were terrific!  The strings also were very good!  The woodwinds were very beautiful and sounded terrific!  The percussion instruments stood out very well.

One of my favorite instruments in the symphony was the harp. It was magnificent and the musical notes that I heard come out of it were graceful and very beautiful!

If you go to see the Rio Hondo Symphony at the Whittier HIgh School Auditorium I promise you that you will not be disappointed.  The music is beautiful and the instruments are fabulous!   Another good reason to go is because one, the admission is free and two, on March 2, 2008 and April 13, 2008 they will be performing concerts.  You can also join a free raffle to win an iPod at each concert!  You have to come to Whittier High School before 3 PM on those Sundays and fill out a free raffle form, then stay and watch the whole concert. Afterwards, they will announce the winner of the iPod! You still have two opportunities to go to the symphony.  I hope you don't waste your chances!

I hope you will go to the Rio Hondo Symphony, because you will be delighted with music that will fill up your body and soul.!   You probably won't stop hearing the music in your mind until a week after.  I recommend that you should go and see the musicians play at the Whittier High School Auditorium because they are very talented, and they enjoy playing!  I hop you come to watch the Rio Hondo Symphony.  Time is ticking, so get ready for that concert!

By Justin

Dear Rio Hondo Symphony,
The performance that you gave us was amazing. I've never been to a concert like yours. If somebody wants to go and they couldn't I would take them to hear your wonderful music. If they could go, I would tell them to go on March 2, 2008 at 3:00 PM.   Your Friend, Justin

By others:
Angel: It would be cool if I become a musician.
Brian: I know that all guys and girls playing all the instruments and the conductor played an extremely mind blowing symphony.
Jason: The Rio Hondo Symphony Orchestra is an excellent way to enjoy classical music.
Elena: I loved listening to tunes from movies like Harry Potter and Superman Returns.  Every school should get the chance to hear the Rio Hondo Symphony Orchestra perform. I hope to see you again on Sunday, March 2nd.
Nancy; When I'm in college, I will try to be in a symphony.
Monica: You people are inspiring to kids.
Stephanie: I'm going back on March 2, 2008. That's how wonderful it was.
Danyelle: Thank you for every single thing.
Joei: The tricky part of the concert was when to clap.  Now I know that when the conductor turns around facing the audience, that's when you are supposed to clap.

For more information please call (562) 696-7227.