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March 17, 2018

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April 22, 2018

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This project is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

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For Families

The Rio Hondo Symphony Association cares deeply about children in our communities. Our concerts welcome family participation and celebrate their attendance. The Music Enrichment Programs, held at school sites, develop interest in instruments. In these programs, Elizabeth Lauritsen presents stringed instrument lessons to 3rd grade students, Laura Stone presents woodwind lessons to 4th grade students, and Angela Romero presents brass instrument lessons to 5th grade students. Each student receives information about the Rio Hondo Symphony's concert schedule and encouragement to attend.

Kids Korner

The Kids Korner mini Concert Preview in the auditorium lobby runs from 2:20 PM to 2:45 PM, before each concert. Creator and speaker at the delightful and inspiring presentations is Laura Stone, oboist with the orchestra who also explains the woodwinds in the Symphony Association's Music Enrichment Program (MEP). In addition to learning about the compositions to be performed in the concerts, each child recieves a special Children's Program. In addition to information about concert manners, the composers and their compositions, the program features musical quizzes and crossword puzzles.


Young Violinists Perform At Kids Korner Preview

Young violinists from the "Arts for All" South Whittier School Distict entertained kids of all ages at the Kids Korner special pre-concert preview at the free concert, "The Final Frontier," May 4, 2014

Although the young violinists had been playing for just one year, the performance was well received. Partly responsible for the great job the kids did were Trevor Shiffermiller, band leader at Graves Middle School, Principal Francisco Meza ad Carolyn Luis, a teacher - all in the South Whittier School District.


For Teachers

You may download Beethoven materials here:

Additional Educational Materials

Teachers, Wendy Velasco has provided a booklet to construct with your students to help them learn about string instruments. Simply download the booklet here and have fun!

For the 2009 Teacher Handout Document please click here.