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The Orpins to Co-sponsor Second Concert of Season

Bob Orpin

Bob Orpin, former President of the Rio Hondo Symphony Association, and his wife, Claudia will co-sponsor the orchestra's "Latina Musica" Concert November 2, 2014.

Orpin, who served as President of the Symphony Association for three years from 2005-2008, retired a number of years ago as Director of Planning and Development for Santa Fe Springs and Executive Director of the city's Redevelopment Agency

An accomplished pianist, he was born and raised in New York to a family of working musicians. He studied piano during his youth and graduated from New York's High School of Music and Arts. He often plays the piano at parties, provided others sing.

Now residents of Texas, the Orpins are still dedicated supporters of the community symphony orchestra. Bob continues to serve as Chairman of the Association's Young Artists Competition.

Bob Orpin accompanying Suzanna Guzman
at a Pops Concert reception July 2007.

Hennings-Fischer Foundation Co-sponsors Concert

The Hennings-Fischer Foundation, which has made grants for many years to support the free concerts, will co-sponsor the Rio Hondo Symphony's "Dreams of America" concert May 3, 2015.

The Foundation was founded in 2001 with the legacies of Audrey Hennings-Fischer, violinist with the Rio Hondo Symphony for 15 years, and her husband, Noumi Fischer, renowned violinist, conductor and teacher in Southern California.

The foundation has been supporting the free concerts since 2002. It is perpetuating the goals to which the couple dedicated their lives - the continuity of musical tradition and excellence.