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March 5, 2016 - 48th Annual Young Artists Competition (YAC)
Strings and Voice

March 5, 2016 at the Whittier College Chapel, Whittier, CA

Rachel Ostler, Violinist, 48th Annual YAC Strings Winner

The 2 categories for the 2016 contest are Strings and Voice. The two top winners will perform as soloists either at the orchestra’s final concert April 24, 2016, or the first concert of the 2016-2017 season in the fall of 2016, one at each separate performance, and will each receive $1000. The musicians placing second in each category will receive $500 cash prizes.

Winners of the 48th Annual YAC!

Joel David Balzun, 48th Annual YAC Voice Category Winner

Two young musicians, a baritone and a violinist, won the Rio Hondo Symphony's 48th annual Young Artists Competition March 5, 2016, in the Chapel at Whittier College.

Rachel Ostler, a violinist who studies at USC, placed first in the strings category. Joel David Balzun, a baritone, won in the voice category.

The 2nd place strings award was given to Leah Hansen, cello. Placing 2nd among the vocalists was Marina Harris, soprano, while Honorable Mention in the vocals category was awarded to Jose Maldonado, bass.

Judges for the day-long event, eminent performers/teachers selected to represent expertise within the various categories, were: RHS Conductor Emeritus Wayne Reinecke, Dr. Robert Sage, and Rio Hondo College Professor Steve Moshier. Chairing the competition were Bob Orpin, Past President, Rio Hondo Symphony Assn, and Enrique & Maria Elena Alvarez.